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If you’re trying to put a paper like a Living Will or Medical Power of Attorney in place or sign some other important document in the Denver or Boulder metro areas, you’ll most likely need a Notary to help you out.

But what does a Notary do? A Notary, sometimes called a Notary Public, is an official who is sworn in, and bonded in the U.S. state where they live by the Secretary of State. Depending on the state, the process of becoming a notary public can vary, but is rather similar from state to state.

What Services Does A Notary Perform | Denver Boulder NotaryGenerally, a Notary will witness the signing, or execution, of documents. They verify that the person signing the document is who they claim to be, by checking a photo identification, and that they understand what they are signing, and are not being forced to sign it. After they sign it, they sign, stamp (or seal) it.

A Notary can also do some other tasks that aren’t as common as notarizing a document. They can also certify a copy of an original document. They either write a certification and sign the copy of the document, or attach a separate certification page, after witnessing it being copied. They can also administer an oath or affirmation. This means that the Notary is the witness to the person making the oath or affirmation. A notary will ask the person making the oath or affirmation to raise his hand as they do in court and speak the oath as it is written or required by whichever body wrote it. In some jurisdictions, they can also perform weddings!

Very importantly this year, they can deliver absentee voting ballots. They must witness the ballot before it is cast, witness it being marked then deliver it to the election officials. Most importantly, if a Notary can’t verify that someone is who they say they are, or feels that something may be fraudulent, they can, and should, refuse to notarize a document or administer an oath. So should a Notary in the Denver or Boulder area.

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